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Quick Summary: A three-day workshop on Neuro-Psychiatry organised in collaboration with the South West Undergraduate Neuro Society (SWUNS).


Good doctors are made, not born, and we can all contribute to that process by making them aware of what matters to us; of things that define our quality of life. There is a growing appreciation among some in the medical community that true expertise in healthcare is found among the public, not in the hallowed corridors of medical training and practice. There is a widening appreciation that medics, or all health professionals for that matter, must be as competent to seek help, as they are in offering it.

MegaReach has always championed the efforts to create future leaders who are firmly grounded on the needs of the general public. We have constantly sought the assistance of experts in facilitating this development. That spirit was clearly evident when Dr. Ruvini Senasinghe, the reputed consultant psychiatrist, conducted a three-day workshop on Neuro-Psychiatry organised in collaboration with the South West Undergraduate Neuro Society (SWUNS) from 19th to 21st February 2016, at Plymouth, United Kingdom. We particularly appreciated Ruvini’s effort (and obvious expertise) in tailoring the content to meet the needs of relatively junior medical students, when she normally deals with senior postgraduate trainees and consultant psychiatrists. She helped us transcend the gap between mental ill-health, as it is spelt out in textbooks and the human suffering, as it manifests in real life.

Temidayo Osunronbi

Temidayo Osunronbi

I started medical studies at Plymouth in September 2014. Having first studied in Nigeria and then in a deprived area in London, I came to experience first-hand the impact of real one-to-one support in helping people from impoverished backgrounds realise their dreams. I joined MegaReach to make a real difference to real people (deprived or not)!

This was our contribution to a concerted effort by a group of enterprising medical students, ably led in this instance by Temidayo Osunronbi, to broaden their understanding of the widest possible range of human and social phenomena, which in turn will make them better holistic practitioners in the years to come. They have already notched up some noteworthy achievements in the process, including winning some prestigious national and international awards.

MegaReach feels privileged to support their effort to become better informed, empathetic professionals and would greatly appreciate the input of other experts in guiding us to areas, avenues through which this effort could be expanded and sustained. Any offer for help would be greatly appreciated; please do contact us. We are open to any subject, any collaboration. We can all help make better doctors. It is a worthy investment: the lives of those who matter to us most may depend on it.

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