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Nainathuvu is the largest inhabited island due west of Jaffna, the largest city in the northern peninsula of Sri Lanka. The tour party are due to reach here on 29th July 2015, where they will be hosted by family members of one of the MARDiTRePers making the tour.


Nainathivu is home to the famous Hindu centre of worship, the Shree Nagapooshani (Bhuvaneswari) Amman shrine, as well as a Buddhist centre of worship, the Nagadeepda Viharaya. The tour party will visit the Kaithady Children’s Home, located in mainland Jaffna, which provides shelter to many rendered orphans during the bloody conflict that raged in Sri Lanka for almost 30 years. While we are already collecting funds to reach our £500 target dedicated to improving sanitation at the centre, we will be specifically looking for bespoke projects through which MegaRach could contribute towards its longer-term development.


Our host community at Nainathivu will be predominantly of Tamil ethnicity. In addition to encouraging our hosts to design projects that are particularly relevant to their own circumstances (as we did with the predominantly Sinhala community at Deegalla), here too we will identify “champions of peace” who are responsive to proposals of working with their counterparts in Deegalla, for the establishment of long-term trust and friendship. MegaReach will then invite these individuals to make the journey to Kandy, where they will meet the representatives from the Sinhala community of Deegalla. 


Please have a look at the section titled “Kandy” for a detailed description of the events taking place there.



A journey of discovery...

Hi guys,  I am Kirush. I commenced my degree in Medicine at Plymouth University, Peninsula Medical School in 2013. I was born in Sri Lanka, brought up in India and have lived in Britain for the past 15 years. My experiences of having lived in three different countries has instilled in me an interest in Global Medicine and from this interest stemmed my contribution to MegaReach.

As a Sri Lankan myself and a daughter of Tamil refugees, I am aware of the harsh realities of the civil war and strife between the two communities. Hence, I wanted to participate in this project which is making a humble attempt to build some broken bridges and create a much needed platform for peace, humanity and hope. I am honoured to be part of this mission. Not only am I about  to embark on a journey of self discovery, but also find out what it really means to be Sri Lankan.


To contact me, find me on facebook via:

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