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MegaReach can only work if we know what would make a real difference to you! Your needs, by definition, will be unique. You may not want to share all the information. We will respect that too. So, please tell us what you need and how it will make that real difference to you in as many, or as little, words as you want.


It would obviously help if you provide as much detail as possible during that initial contact. Remember, by writing to us, you will be deemed to automatically provide us with consent to share your information with sources of possible direct or indirect help. As may be evident from the contents within the website, we will always do our best to minimise the amount of personal information shared with the public.


Remember, we will not stop at linking you to the most suitable benefactor; we will continue to support your project right through to the end. Let us thank you in advance for your incredible courage; it takes a brave person to ask for help to fight adversity! We are grateful to your vital contribution. At MegaReach no one is too rich to ask; none too poor to give.We look forward to hearing from you through the link below. 

Your details were sent successfully! A MARDiTReper will get back to you shortly.

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