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Have you got some form of expertise to offer? Remember MegaReach is all about tapping that innate energy for the benefit of someone who may really need it; whose life may really change to the better as a result of it. Please help us by offering that invaluable expertise. Remember nothing is too small or too big for MegaReach; we only want to make your help make a real difference to a real person or persons.


If you feel your help is particularly suited for existing projects, please do identify them. If not, please help us match your gift by stipulating everything that would make things more convenient to you. For instance, your offer may be time bound or limited by geographical area. We shall respect the boundaries you set. We will also seek your permission before revealing your identity to the proposed match, unless you specifically instruct us that such caution is not needed. Remember, we will not stop at linking you to the most suitable beneficiary; we will continue to support your project right through to the end. Let us thank you in advance for your incredible generosity! We look forward to hearing from you through the link below. 



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