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Parasitology is the study of parasites and parasitic diseases. Some aspects of this science are poorly covered in the medical curricula within nations where the prevalence of parasitic diseases are low. Yet, diagnosing these “Neglected Tropical Diseases” is becoming ever more important as a result of the expansion of their areas of distribution, due to multiple causes including migration and global warming.


In an effort to increase the awareness of this vital area and train a group of tomorrow’s doctors in recognising its various manifestations, MegaReach has teamed up with the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, for a 2-week bespoke course on Diagnostic Parasitology.  The course will be delivered by an impressive array of experts led by the Head of Parasitology, University of Colombo. The subjects covered by the course are detailed in the timetable below.


MegaReach seeks to consolidate on the gains made through this training by: (1) organising a series of peer-teaching events upon return to the United Kingdom and (2) by seeking to establish collaborative research and development ventures with the University of Colombo. We see this as the first of many such training courses developed with Sri Lanka, as well as with leading Universities in other countries. Please do contact us through the 'Comment' section under the 'Contact' tab in the main menu if you have any enquiries about specific subjects to be covered in such training courses.









Having begun medical school in 2012, I have found my time here, equally enjoyable as it challenging. The MegaReach initiative allows me to take advantage of a number of my additional interests, from research to global and public health. I aspire to a career involving these aspects of medicine. The parasitology course in Sri Lanka is something I am really looking forward to joining this summer, and as such, I have begun a crowdfunder campaign to help us raise the funds for the trip.

Timetable 13th to 24th July 2015

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