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We invite you to click on the 'ongoing projects' and 'competed projects' tabs to browse through details about some of the bigger projects that MegaReach is involved in. As may become immediately obvious, MegaReach projects take many forms and cross many borders. We have no preconditions attached to the type of project that would qualify for our involvement other than that they are entirely legal, are morally and ethically defensible and are meant for the common good. We are also involved in numerous small scale initiatives, a sample of which will be explained through a “Testimonials” page which will be populated soon.

We would love to add a new tab describing your own MegaReach project. Please do contact us through the “Comment” section under the “Contact” tab within the main menu to get the process started. MegaReach, which never had a formal starting ceremony, was conceived through a series of simple, complementary ideas that were initially floated in January 2015. Everything described below has happened due to the dedicated input of MARDiTRePers since. We need you to dream new ideas and make them happen in order to maintain this momentum. 

A word from a pioneer...

Hello - my name is Jennifer Ansett. After starting my medical degree in 2012 I became involved in a variety of peer teaching activities alongside a then final year student, Rohini Kulkarni. Through further collaborations and ventures this eventually led to my involvement in the formation of MegaReach.

For me, MegaReach is a bridge between the university community and the local (and global) community, providing opportunities for anyone who is earnest to share experiences, offer expertise and resources, and nurture ideas, with the underpinning aim of make a meaningful difference, one person at a time.

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