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The essence of MegaReach can be explained in one phrase: Making A Real Difference To Real People. We believe that everyone is gifted with a unique set of skills, as much as having their very own challenges. It is rare to find an individual with a skill set that is ideally suited to all their challenges. Yet, one person’s set of skills may be the ideal remedy for another person’s challenge. MegaReach is all about making such matches happen. It could happen at individual or organisational level. On an entirely not-for-profit basis, we seek to provide a platform for the exchange of offers and appeals for help, to simply increase the probability of such matches being identified.

One may, quite rightly, say that there are many other avenues already open for such expressions of interest. MegaReach differs in harnessing a group of enthusiasts dedicated to identifying such matches and then supporting them to achieve the most mutually beneficial outcome. The matching process is only the beginning. We will then back that up with support till we make that real difference.


We started as a small group of mostly medical students banded together under the motto of “here to lend a helping hand”. Our logo pays homage to that beginning: an outstretched palm imprinted with the Rod of Asclepius. We have since grown to reach out to many individuals and organisations across all communities, all committed to the single idea of making a real difference to real people. This website has been created by one such enthusiast, an inspired MegaReacher. We want YOU to join us too. Please browse through what we are doing, where we are, who we are. Tell us what you need, what you can offer; sooner or later, we will make that match happen! Please help to make this vision grow. Thank you.



A word from

     the Founder...

Hello, I am Poorna Gunasekera, more commonly known as PG, an Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. I have devoted my life to academia following an initial career in clinical ophthalmology. MegaReach was founded as a result of my own experiences while working in Africa, Asia and in Europe. In all three continents, I was the beneficiary of incredible acts of kindness by people who made a real difference to my life, sometimes even before I could summon the courage to ask for help! They helped me and changed my world in the process.


We are all generous beings by nature. Sometimes, that generosity can make a world of a difference to just one person, family or even a whole community. MegaReach works because it is (1) targeted and (2) sustained. It is such an exhilarating experience! Please do give it a try! Make A Real Difference To Real People!

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