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Quick Summary: Megareach frequently holds various stalls at the annual Freedom Fields Festival in Plymouth.

The annual Plymouth Freedom Community Festival, held in May/June every year, is an event designed to bring all those resident within the Ocean City of the United Kingdom and beyond together, through a series of events that appeal across all age groups. The festival which had grown into becoming a major spring attraction, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015.


MegaReach is proud to be closely associated with this event which celebrates the essence of our community. Our MARDiTRePers from all parts of the community play a prominent role through volunteering our services. We also use the opportunity to conduct a survey on behalf of healthwatch plymouth to identify key concerns of local residents about the provision of health and social care. These findings are then fed back to the providers of care as means of helping them improve on shortcomings and strengthen areas of recognised excellence.


The services of MegaReach are be offered entirely free of charge for this annual event, as indeed is the usual practice. Sometimes we run fund-raising stalls to help generate funds for specific projects. For instance, a Thai food stall run by us in 2015 was instrumental in generating almost all the funds required to donate a braille machine to the Nuffield School for Deaf and Blind in Kaithady, Sri Lanka. In 2016 we helped introduce disc golf to the event. We see this event as a wonderful opportunity for our volunteers meet the residents of Plymouth as well as gain invaluable generic skills so vital in developing future leaders.

Maddie Khan

Maddie Khan

Having joined Plymouth University to study medicine in 2013, I became part of MegaReach as I enjoy helping others both at home and abroad. I am enthusiastic about promoting wellbeing in the community and involving children to take a greater interest in their health.

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