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Love Humanity – Love Diversity

Quick Summary: A celebration that was held at the Freedom Fields Park in association with WAMS (Widening Access to Medical School) and Enactus Plymouth.

2016 was notable for many reasons, one of which was the growing tide of explicit xenophobia. There were many regrettable instances where extreme hatred towards fellow human beings was on open display, with the implicit approval of populist politicians who seem to have found it very rewarding to stroke the flames of racism for their own benefit.


Sadly, Plymouth, the Ocean City of United Kingdom, the place where MegaReach was first conceived, was not immune from this phenomenon. In fact, one episode has been often singled out as a glaring example of the rising levels of violent racism that has manifested in England since the referendum to leave the European Union held in June 2016. This is sad for two reasons: (1) it illustrates the depth of hatred felt by some members of the community and (2) it ignores the vast numbers of Plymothians who have strived to make the city a safe place for all regardless of their origins, regularly going out of their way to make all visitors feel genuinely welcome.


So when a group of such enthusiasts invited MegaReach for a celebration titled “Love Diversity” held at the Freedom Fields Park, a place where we have always felt welcomed, on Saturday 15th October 2016, we were more than happy to oblige. Having considered the most effective way we could contribute, we identified two student organisations from Plymouth University as the most suited to promote our message of hope and unity. To their credit, they both gladly accepted our call for help.


WAMS (Widening Access to Medical School) is always a vibrant group, with their flagship programme “the Teddy Bear Hospital” a firm favourite among young and old alike. Representatives of WAMS turned up in numbers, despite all of them being scheduled to face a major academic examination in just 4 days. Together, they held out hope of a better inclusive future, free from self-destructive distrust.


ENACTUS a global organisation that promotes charitable entrepreneurship among students, turned up to introduce their highly laudable initiative. A sub-group of ENACTUS based at Plymouth University, with a heavy representation of the Business School and involvement of one medical student, have dedicated themselves to reaching out to refugees in need of help. They saw this as an ideal opportunity to identify individuals and organisations who may be willing to get involved in the process.


MegaReach is eternally grateful for the organisers of “Love Diversity” and the representatives of WAMS and ENACTUS, who demonstrated the quiet resolve to resist this tide of racial hatred. We will always be willing to contribute to any effort that promotes the love for humanity. We believe such a positive approach is the most effective way to combat the negativity that only manifests due to the lack of hope and the marginalisation felt by some members of our society. Please do contact us if you are planning any such event, anywhere; our global footprint is expanding every day.  

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