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Quick Summary: A Give-1-Get-1 initiative around submitting student-made healthcare-related Multiple Choice Questions into a questions bank.

One of the most effective ways of learning is to teach; one of the best ways to prepare for exams is to develop model questions. medMegaQuiz (stylishly abbreviated M2Q!) is an exciting initiative to create the world’s most extensive medical question data bank, conceived by the academic wing of MegaReach. Having undergone two years of testing as a limited local initiative involving students of Exeter, Peninsula and Plymouth Medical Schools, we have now launched M2Q on a global platform. Currently, we publish issues containing 100 multiple choice type questions together with detailed referenced explanations at two-monthly intervals. Access to each issue can be gained free of charge by submitting 10 questions and detailed referenced explanations meeting the criteria we stipulate.


The single-most unique feature of the M2Q question bank is the quality of its explanations, where in addition to defining why a particular response is correct, there is a concerted effort to outline important features of each and every “false” response, including what circumstances, if any, would make them “true”. In addition to gaining a deep understanding of subject matter, participation in M2Q will help contributors to master the Harvard Referencing technique and become familiar with the MeSH database of medical terms. Above all, it will help contributors tackle a range of topics that come with detailed, concise explanations, as M2Q is open to all levels of learning. Our database is now full of questions on basic, as well as applied medical sciences.


Please write to if you would like to know more about this exciting initiative. A group of MARDiTRePers are currently busy constructing a bespoke virtual platform to host the database. Please help us grow the data bank and access it free in the meantime!

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