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Quick Summary: An event that revolved around socialising with other people, to highlight the fact that we are one community, even though our opinions may differ from one issue to the next.

Monday 20th February 2017 proved to be a memorable day. Thanks to the wonderful founders of Hope in the Heart CIC (, we were blessed with 2 hours of inspiration and fun, when people of all ages and backgrounds came together to celebrate what was good about our own selves. 

The day saw the collaboration across multiple themes at the iconic Guild Hall in Plymouth City. Hope in the Heart CIC launched the Compassion Charter and contributed to the wider “One Day Without Us (” event meant to highlight the value of the contributions of immigrants to daily life.  They also organised a very thought-provoking exhibition dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank.

MegaReach promoted our message of total inclusivity through the Meet Another Person (MAP - initiative. We just demonstrated the beauty that transpires when you welcome strangers with open arms, devoid of judgement. Where Hope in the Heart CIC highlighted the value of immigrants, MegaReach celebrated the beauty of all that make up a community. It was a wonderful example of how two organisations, with different foci of interest, were able to work together towards the common good.

We are ever so grateful to the wonderful citizens of Plymouth, and the many visitors, for having found the time to join us in this event that abounded with positive energy. MegaReach made numerous contacts during the day, including the inspirational TAMWED organisation (, many of whom expressed a keenness to further develop those links. We are fully committed to doing so.

Even if nothing further comes of this, we all enriched our lives with two hours of happy memories. Thank you for making that happen whether you were there in person, or helped spread the message. If we are truly fortunate (as indeed we often seem to be), those contacts will bloom into real projects where we will be able to make a real difference to real people!

All this happened because Hope in the Heart CIC created the opening for us. If you too have similar venturess, please do contact us. We would love to get involved.

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