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Quick Summary: A project aimed to study the effectiveness of telemedicine in diverse settings.

Reliable and timely provision of healthcare saves lives and alleviates suffering. Yet vast sections of humanity are deprived of that most basic of needs, especially in low income countries. The sheer remoteness of some communities demands alternative means of delivering clinical expertise. The use of information and telecommunication technology to broaden the reach of clinical expertise, variously branded as telemedicine or tele-health, has often been mooted as a reliable means of meeting this need. However, the efficacy of such technology in diverse settings is yet to be conclusively established.


MegaReach is looking for prospective partners from across the world who may be interested in collaborating with our own experts to studying the effectiveness of telemedicine in diverse settings. We realise its value may not only be confined to the poorest regions in the world; it may be as valuable in delivering speedy expertise in the more advanced regions. That makes it all the more important that we are able to study its effectiveness in different settings. If you would like to join such an effort, or know of an area where such a study could be conducted, please contact us through the “Comments” section. If you have any expertise to share in the area, please do contact us through “Offer” section under the “Contact” tab. We believe methodical exploration of this very exciting area has every potential to make a sustained difference to diverse populations across the world.


Profile of a  model MARDiTRePer: Dayani Sumathiratne Jayasinghe, our Lead of Telemedicine

MegaReach prides in its inclusivity. We believe everyone has valid expertise to share. Therefore, a MARDiTRePer may come from any background, as exemplified by the profile of our Lead of Telemedicine Dayani Sumathiratne Jayasinghe. 


Dayani is a researcher from University of Southampton with twenty five years experience inlecturing, project management and consulting. Her research mainly focuses on Telemedicine as means of meeting the health care demands of the people in the rural areas mainly in the developing world. She has served for the Government of Sri Lanka as a consultant and for the Industry as a Systems Manager/ Systems analyst. She also worked as an Associate Information Systems Specialist in U.S.A. 

Having a passion for lecturing, Dayani changed her career to a lecturer, which she has over 15 years of experience. Dayani received her Degree in Computer Science with 1st Class Honours from Eastern Connecticut State University U.S. A. and obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Southampton UK. Currently she is working as a lecturer at Eastleigh College in the UK. Dayani believes MegaReach is uniquely suited to help in her quest for collaborators to study the effectiveness of telemedicine in areas where it can make a real difference to many deserving people. Please help us support that quest.

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