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Quick Summary: A fundraising effort that helped to build a new two-storied structure in order to accommodate the learning needs of students in Deegalla in Sri Lanka.

25th July 2015 marked a memorable day when a tour party of MARDiTRePers from the United Kingdom reached the sleepy hamlet of Deegalla in Sri Lanka. We were simply amazed by the wonderful hospitality laid on by the villagers led by the chief priest of the village temple, the Siri Sugathawansa Yagshramaya. The Venerable Hettimulle Kassapa, its chief incumbent, is leading an inspirational programme to enhance the prospects of the local children by teaching English, Mathematics and introduction to Information Technology with the assistance of a dedicated team of volunteers. The fact that this effort was attracting appreciative youngsters from diverse religious backgrounds, only added to its value to the local community.


Such is the success of his efforts, that the attendance to these classes, held entirely free of charge, had almost tripled from 97 in the year 2008 (when he took over the incumbentship of the temple), to 254 in a span of five years. This had led to such an increase in the demand for extra classes that 7 classes were routinely being held outdoors to supplement the 4 that were being run in a hall constructed within the temple premises. Therefore, Ven. Kassapa was seeking to build a new two-storied structure in order to accommodate all the classes within a secluded area, protected from the vagaries of weather which often hamper them. The design of the building had been done free of charge by one of the most renowned architects in Sri Lanka, Channa Daswatte. The community had then rallied together to lay the foundation complete with concrete pillars to form the skeleton of this building. Unfortunately, this work had stalled due to the lack of funds. It was then that Ven. Kassapa turned to MegaReach for assistance.


In response to this most worthy of pleas, MegaReach successfully raised the £1000 that was the shortfall for completing the concrete floor on the first storey of the building, which was to also act as a temporary roof for the ground floor. The arrival of the tour party marked the end of this phase of construction. We were thrilled to actually walk on the recently completed concrete slab that was paid for by the funds we had collected.


The inspirational efforts of this wonderful community did not end there. Their ground-breaking efforts to promote peace in Sri Lanka, which till only recently was ravaged by nearly three decades of bloody ethnic conflict, are documented under the section titled “one hundred and fifteen flowers bloomed in April twenty-sixteen” under completed projects. Our own effort to help this inspirational community will continue over the longer term. We are determined to help complete the construction of the entire building. Please do contact us if you are in a position to help this project.

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