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Sri Lanka, the famed pearl of the Indian Ocean, is inextricably linked to the conception of MegaReach. It all started with the idea of organising a visit to Sri Lanka to learn about parasitic diseases that are not covered in detail within the medical curricular of the United Kingdom, concieved by an inspired group of medical students. This soon snowballed into a much larger effort involving many others who were happy to “lend a helping hand” to support the charitable causes that soon came to become the defining foci of the trip. MegaReach was thus conceived as a loose organisation of these individuals, achieving a symbiosis of human goodwill and enterprise. The details of the trip itself are documented under the “Focus 2015: Sri Lanka” tab in the main menu.


It did not take long for Sri Lanka to generate its very own brand of dedicated MARDiTRePers. These pages will soon be filled with details of their own efforts to make a real difference to real people. MegaReach is on the constant lookout to expand its connections: they form the vital links that enable real people connect with others. We have no pre-conditions whatsoever about the type of person or group that can become a MARDiTRePer. If you would like to join us, or form your own sub-group as a part of the bigger MegaReach family, please do contact us using the “Comment” section within the ”Contact” tab of the main menu. We will work with you to support your projects, which then will have their own dedicated section within “Our Projects” tab within the main menu.


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