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Don Rukshan Hapuarachchi

Don Rukshan Hapuarachchi

Hello, I studied Tourism and Hospitality Management with Plymouth University, as I love meeting people with diverse customs and values. Having contributed to charities of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society and Rotary International from the age of 13, I am inspired by MegaReach as it allows me to combine my skills and passion for the benefit of real people.



So we are forging links with small and medium scale organisations that can provide such face-to-face experiences across the world. We are particularly strong in Sri Lanka where such contacts have made it possible for a group of 12 MARDiTRePers to undertake a 25-day tour (detailed under the “Focus 2015: Sri Lanka” tab) packed with truly unique experiences, at a cost that is nothing but remarkable.


So if you would like us to use those contacts and create a similar experience to you in Sri Lanka, please do contact us through the “Request” section under our ”Contact” tab. If on the other hand you know of any small or medium scale organisations, anywhere in the world, that could provide such a service, please do let us know through the “Offer” section. We will strive to make those links happen. Every such link will contribute to an ever expanding chain of human trust and goodwill based on real differences in the way real people think. Become a travel MARDiTRePer!


Quick Summary: A venture in forging links with small and medium scale organisations that can provide face-to-face tourism experiences across the world to help make people feel more welcome while travelling abroad.

“You are welcome” is a global message that greets many a traveler. The increasing ease and reach of transport facilities mean that more and more places of interest are now accessible to the exploration. This has spurred on a thriving tourism industry that has made a tangible difference to infrastructure (such as roads) in low income countries and perhaps improved the living conditions in others. However, has it done anything to change the prejudice and the misconceptions about “aliens” among the wider public?


MegaReach believes that increased access provides a welcome opening to increased human face-to-face encounters between different people, wherever they may be. We believe that those encounters will, with time, lead to better understanding about other people, thereby creating societies where diversity is celebrated, not just tolerated. We want to do our part in facilitating such encounters.


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