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I Know YOU

Quick Summary: A project that seeks to radiate a sense of joy and thankfulness by celebrating the unique achievements and experiences of all living with Dementia (in association with Memory Matters South West).


Gradual fading of function with time, is a process that affects every form of life; it also affects every human being to varying degrees. Yet, it would be a shame to allow that inevitable and universal process to rob us of our identity, our purpose and our dreams. We must instead seek to celebrate the new opportunities that open, even as some old ones seem to fade away.


The “I Know You” (IKY) project seeks to do just that! Working with Memory Matters South West, a truly inspirational Community Interest Company, MegaReach is seeking to celebrate the lives of those living with Dementia, be they the “diagnosed”, their carers or anyone interested in working in that area. Through a series of meetings held every Monday and Friday at Moments Café in Plymouth City, to coincide with Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) sessions run by Memory Matter SW, IKY will seek to radiate a sense of joy and thankfulness by celebrating the unique achievements and experiences of all living with Dementia.


As always, the process is entirely free of charge and open to any well-wisher willing to contribute a part of their time. While we strongly recommend that any potential volunteer to undertake specialised training offered through regular “Exploring Dementia” training workshops run by Memory Matters SW, the coordinators of IKY will ensure your contribution will maximise the benefit to all parties, without causing any disruption to the therapy sessions. Please write to if you would like to know more about this wonderfully project that celebrates the best in each one of us.

A word from the IKY project leader . . .

Hi! My name is Liz Bruce. I found my passion for volunteering in my early twenties after volunteering abroad in two very different locations: Tanzania and Peru. During this time I also discovered my desire for challenge and an eagerness to get involved as much as possible. 

I have grown up in Plymouth and the surrounding area, and after a few years away from home in my late teens, I decided to return to Plymouth, which has brought listless opportunities and great happiness. I started studying Adult Nursing in September 2015 at Plymouth University, and met PG, the founder of MegaReach, as I was entering my third year. With our combined passion and motivation, I Know You quickly formed.  


I decided on the name ‘I Know You’ as it reflects the reason why carers devote themselves to their loved ones, even when facing challenges that often develop as a result of dementia; they know that person; they remember who they have always been, what they did for them, what they deserve. Simultaneously, it represents what we aim to achieve by working with the individuals living with dementia: we want to get to know them; we want to celebrate their individuality, and help them enjoy their lives.    


I have found that volunteering, done right, benefits the recipients greatly, but also provides you with an opportunity to develop yourself in many ways. There are endless benefits to volunteering, and all it takes is for you to make a decision to go for it, and not look back, to make all these benefits realise. 


I have hopes that this project will make a real difference to the people of Plymouth, by benefiting the lives of those living with Dementia, be they the ‘diagnosed’, or their carers, but also by aiding the integration of the people of Plymouth University with those of Plymouth city, to form a united community. This vision can only be benefitted by the addition of more volunteers, so I encourage you to take the leap and join us in our venture to celebrate the lives of others.

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