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Quick Summary: A peer-teaching initiative dedicated to hosting full days of lectures and workshops to many students of different healthcare disciplines about topics including but not limited to: clinical skills, chest pain, ‘confusion’ and the kidneys.

Healthcare has a long history of being passed down through teaching. For centuries the healers imparted the hallowed knowledge to their offspring, who then passed it on to the next generation. Therefore, learning from their seniors and eventually their peers, is nothing new to most disciplines involved in the delivery of healthcare. This remained a fact of life even after the advent of sophisticated technologies to store and advance knowledge.


The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD) had a cherished tradition of peer teaching, perhaps best exemplified by fortnightly “MegaTeach” events which brought representatives of all years of together through a programme of integrated basic and applied medical science learning. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to state that the very foundations of MegaReach were built on the experiences of group motivation gained through MegaTeach.


While MegaReach actively seeks to promote and sustain peer-teaching within the institutions of learning, Peer Steer seeks to take that a step further. Founded on the dearly held belief that the diversity in the learning and assessment techniques should not threaten the uniform excellence of practice, Peer Steer seeks to learn from the best examples for good practice, even as it tries to “steer clear” of repeating errors through the sharing of ideas. Peer Steer seeks to promote learning that is not bound by geographical constraints. Therefore, if you do have a particularly illuminating example of good learning practice (or its opposite) please do share those thoughts through the “Comment” section under the “Contact” tab. We are also actively looking to promote collabortive ventures between peer teachers from diverse disciplines and institutions. In addition to supporting such collaborations practically, we are keen to publish lessons learnt through the process. Help us drive the cause of uniform excellence through dedicated peer learing.



Becoming a medical student in September 2014, I was quickly enthused by the challenge to take control of my own learning. Realising the opportunity to engage with and help others, I hope to encourage collaborative learning wherever possible. Please feel free to contact me at

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