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The first pioneers of MegaReach came from among the students of Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD) and Plymouth University of Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (PU PSMD), as indeed symbolised by the MegaReach logo. Despite having since grown into an organisation that is open to anyone and everyone the world over, we have not completely lost those precious roots. So, MegaReach continues to actively promote opportunities for medical learning at all levels as a core tenet. The Peninsula Imaging Research initiative (PIRI ) is one such prime example. 


The Peninsula Radiology Academy is an independent tertiary medical training centre that prides itself as “the only purpose built Radiology Academy in the world”. Its trainees, selected from among the very best of the medical graduates who have completed the gruelling foundation programme, are encouraged to engage in publishable research during their time at the academy. The very competitive process linked to obtaining a good foundation placement also drives medical students to seek opportunities to publish in journals that carry a PubMedID. PIRI seeks to achieve a symbiosis between these twin drivers by facilitating joint research between trainee registrars and medical students. Its website lists such collaborations that are underway currently. If you would like to benefit from such a collaboration or indeed initiate such a programme, please do contact us through the “Comment” section of the “Contact” tab within the main menu.

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