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Quick Summary: A venture to develop surveys on the availability of mental health services in and around Plymouth.

Mental wellbeing is an essential part of healthy living. The impact of mental ill health on individuals and communities is only just beginning to be recognised. Sadly, mental ill health still remains a mystery, or even a stigma, in many communities, thereby depriving some from access to invaluable resources. MegaReach has, form its inception, considered the battle for mental wellbeing to be of prime importance, as it has received several offers for help from those committed to volunteering their time and expertise in this area. 


We have just finished the scoping phase of a collaboration with a community enthusiast who is keen to understand the opinions of young people (under the age of 25 years) regarding the mental health services available in and around Plymouth. MegaReach will assist this venture, which is supported by healthwatch Plymouth, by developing and analysing the results of an electronic questionnaire seeking opinions on ten key variables. We hope the findings will identify areas for further detailed exploration.


If you have been involved in developing surveys on mental health provision or it is an area you would like to be involved in, please do contact us through the “Offer” section under the “Contact” tab within the main menu. If, on the other hand, either you or someone known to you would benefit from assistance to achieve mental wellbeing, please do contact us through the “Request” section within the “Contact” tab. We will strive to link you to organisations dedicated to mental health, with your consent.



A word from our motivator extraordinaire…

Hello, I am Chriss Everatt. I am a volunteer and a carer for my son who has Autism. I volunteer for Healthwatch Plymouth and Plymouth Involvement and Participation Service (PIPS).  Healthwatch gathers people’s views about local health and social care services and PIPS about mental health services, statutory and non-statutory.  I also belong to a service user and carer group in the social work department, another group that raises awareness about safeguarding and I also sit on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Strategy Board. 



A part of my work is attending events to publicise the group which enables me to engage with a wide variety of people and gain their feedback.  The groups I belong to provide a link between the community and the professional.  One of the groups encourages parents of disabled children to participate in getting changes for our children.   I believe wholeheartedly in the idea of collaborating and working together, so that we can make a difference to services for everyone. MegaReach excites me because it allows everyone, no matter how big or small, to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment of the world. MARDiTRePing is great! It works!

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