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MegaReach is proud to announce its recent expansion to Warwick. The first MARDiTRePer from their has already made an inimitable mark on the entire MegaReach programme: they designed this website! They are also committed to its routine upkeep. Thank you Warwick!


The Warwick branch have decided to raise funds for Findacure, a UK charity dedicated to the creation of a fundamental diseases community to drive research and develop treatments. One Warwick MARDiTRePer has already begun training to complete the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon  on 11th October 2015 to raise funds for this cause. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please contact: - a just giving page is under construction, and will be live, very soon!

A word from the Artistic Director...



Hello, my name is Thisakya Dias Gunasekera and I am in my final year, studying Politics at the University of Warwick although my hobbies branch out from my course. I enjoy art in all forms, whether it be through photography, theatre or music - and recently, stumbled into a new passion of web-design, after helping my father create this website. As such I am the go-to MARDiTRePer for all things regarding Visual Content and Media for and always  extremely grateful for any feedback and advice.

I strongly advocate equality of opportunity, thus champion the right for every human to be able to access education, healthcare and food: all aspects umbrella’d by social mobility. Having been born in Sri Lanka, and raised in the UK, I have been fortunate to have experienced a range of cultures in all their glory and all their strife. I believe that a Utopian society IS achievable, and that the collaborative power of mankind is intelligent and ambitious enough to overcome the man-made barriers we have created. 


I am running the half marathon to fundraise for the incredible charity findacure as I believe it’s vision could improve many lives. If you haven't heard much about the charity, give it a quick look and see what you think - if you can think of any way to help their research and development efforts then please do!


I warmly welcome any feedback and queries via, and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon I can. Alternatively, you can visit my tumblr, where I store most of my political/artistic endeavours. 


Hope to hear from you soon!

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