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Quick Summary: A project that aims to connect, create and celebrate dance within the city of Plymouth. We enable people to find out about dance in a way that makes sense to them, create and extend opportunities citywide, use dance as a vehicle for change, and join up the existing dots to celebrate the variety of dance in the city.

Dance has been described as the hidden language of the soul. It is one of the most wonderful, liberating forms of human expression. Its value as a therapy, perhaps long recognised in the ancient world, is only now beginning to be appreciated by those in “developed” communities. MegaReach believes this is a development that needs nurturing, celebration. 


Plymouth has a vibrant dance ecology encompassing Theatre Royal and The Pavilions, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth University, Plymouth City College, the Life Centre and Attik Dance, as well as an active range of artists, practitioners, dance in schools, private dance schools and youth dance groups. MegaReach is privileged to work with one of its leading promoters, Plymouth Dance in its quest to work with and support all of these artistic endeavours.   Plymouth Dance, a Community Interest Company aims to connect, create and  celebrate dance in the City by:


● Enabling people to find out about dance in a way that makes sense to them

●Creating and extending opportunities Citywide, using dance as a vehicle for change

● Joining up the existing dots to celebrate the variety of dance in the City


Plymouth Dance is currently involved in a series of innovative programmes including:


Help! I Can’t Teach Dance  - providing Primary School Teachers with the skills, experience and resources to teach dance as part of the Physical Education Curriculum.

Engaging Schools – providing Dance Graduates to support 2 Secondary School Dance Teachers and their dance students.


U.Dance 2015 – Plymouth has developed a community engagement programme, including a Youth Dance Schools Tour, a film and site-specific dance project (Outside-Inside-Plymouth), public performances and workshops during the month of July (Dance in the City) and a performance by 240 young people from Plymouth at Theatre Royal Plymouth  (Dance PLYMOUTH Dance) on Saturday 25th July 2015. All these projects are part of and lead up to Plymouth hosting the national youth dance event – U.Dance 2015 – 22nd to 25th July 2015.

Plymouth aims to be the first inclusive dance city in the UK and currently has 15 Dance and Disability Specialist Practitioners living and/or working in the city. Many of them are currently engaged in Plymouth Dance’s BBC Children In Need project, which has enabled the Dance Practitioners to work with inclusive dance groups across the country, supporting them to develop their skills and networks so that they can engage with the national youth dance framework.


MegaReach is in discussion with Plymouth Dance to develop monthly dance sessions designed specifically to enhance mobility and social engagement of community members diagnosed with dementia, as well as their carers. If you are interested in contributing to these Dance and Dementia” sessions in any manner please do contact us through the comments section of this website.


We are also actively studying the feasibility of expanding this to more inclusive provision through:

  • Dance & Cancer – a series of sessions that are for those living with and/or surviving cancer.

  • Dance & Parkinsons – a series of sessions that are for those living with Parkinsons.


Fatima Adamu-Biu

Fatima Adamu-Biu

I started studying medicine at Plymouth University in September 2014. I am very keen on finding real ways to make a difference in the community. This is one of the reasons I joined MegaReach. It gives me an opportunity to work closely with the community to find ways of developing it. Please feel free to contact me at

June Gamble

June Gamble

Coordinating Producer of Plymouth Dance - I was born in Plymouth and trained as a dancer from the age of 4 to 21. During the past 25+ years, I have worked with a wide range of dance artists, companies and organisations as a Dance Manager, Development Consultant and Life and Business Coach. I love my work and feel blessed to be able to do what I do in my home town.

Emma Pendle

Emma Pendle

I have been with Exim Dance Company for 3 years since graduating from Plymouth University with a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre. As a lead community practitioner, I teach dance classes to at risk and disabled young people, primary school children, and adults. I have had specialist training in dance and Parkinsons, inclusive dance teaching and dance leadership.

We will keep you updated on these plans. Please do let us know of your thoughts about these endeavours through the “Comment” section under the “Contact” tab.

Profile of a model MARDiTRePer:

Claire Summers, our Ambassador of Dance

MegaReach believes in the importance of “giving back”, especially to the local community. We believe our emphasis on community engagement will encourage links that promote long-term retention and development of local talent. The story of Claire is a prime example of how a local community can gain through retention of a prodigious talent.



Claire graduated from Plymouth University in 2011 with First Class BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre and an award for her work in the community. Since graduation Claire co-founded Exim Dance Company and deeply embedded herself into the dance community in Plymouth and Devon working regularly with Plymouth University, Dance in Devon, Plymouth Dance and The Theatre Royal. Claire’s practice is varied with strong roots in contemporary dance and theatre with influences from urban dance forms. Dedicated to inclusive practice within dance Claire is passionate about breaking down the ideological barriers that surround dance and hope’s to contribute to this within the South West and beyond. MegaReach is privileged to count Claire among its growing band of highly motivated MARDiTRePers.


Past work   of Claire includes: ‘Wade in the Water’ Exim Dance (Regional Tour, Winter Dance Faktory 2012-13) Ruth Way in her latest dance for camera film (2013), Performing in ‘Fight or Flight’ SpinDrift (regional tour 2012-13), ‘Trace’ choreographed by Sally Robbins (Regional tour 2012), 

‘Guest Suites’ choreographed by Jacky Landsley (2012), and ‘Taken In’ Choreographed by Adam Benjamin (2011). Performer and choreographer in ‘Breathe Me’ with Symbiotic (Regional tour 2011), Director for Strictly Collaboratives’24 hours in a day’. Claire has also travelled to Ghana to work with Noyam Dance Company, Vienna to study advanced improvisation with Adam Benjamin and Seattle to study Universal Design in dance with Jurg Kosh.


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